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The Two Faces of Janus

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Welcome to Dr. Cooper's Lab..I hope you all enjoy my first post and my first experiment to attempt to discover the true identity of an ancient figure or figures...I try to draw from as wide a variety of sources as possible..I am just a signpost showing you the connections I draw my own conclusions....and it is up to you to come up with yours. I am open to all ideas and matter how fantastic they sound there are no boundaries that we won't be exploring in this lab. Please feel free to leave comments below.

To begin with we are going to go back in time and examine the origins of  the Roman god Janus and then discover how he is shown throughout our culture today...and finally examine if he is due to return in some shape or form.or is this idea being promoted deliberately...hang onto your hats..this is going to be a crazy ride....

Detail of the painted ceiling in Waltham Abbey depicting the two faced god Janus

Janus means "archway" in Latin. Janus was the Roman god of gateways and beginnings, and is often shown as having two faces looking in opposite directions. The month of January is named for him.

Often depicted as a double-faced head, he was a deity of beginnings. 

The worship of Janus dated back to the earliest years of Rome, and the city had many freestanding ceremonial gateways called jani, used for symbolically auspicious entrances or exits. 

The most famous was the Janus Geminus, whose double doors were left open in time of war and closed when Rome was at peace.The festival of Janus, the Agonium, took place on January 9.Occasionally he was depicted as four-faced as the spirit of the four-way arch. 

Janus and the nymph Camasene were the parents of Tiberinus,whose death in or by the river Albula caused it to be renamed Tiber.

According to Macrobius who cites Nigidius Figulus and Cicero, Janus and Jana (Diana) are a pair of divinities, worshipped as Apollo or the sun and moon, whence Janus received sacrifices before all the others, because through him is apparent the way of access to the desired deity.

A similar solar interpretation has been offered by A. Audin who interprets the god as the issue of a long process of development, starting with the Sumeric cultures, from the two solar pillars located on the eastern side of temples, each of them marking the direction of the rising sun at the dates of the two solstices: the southeastern corresponding to the Winter and the northeastern to the Summer solstice. 

These two pillars would be at the origin of the theology of the divine twins, 
one of whom is mortal (related to the NE pillar, as confining with the region where the sun does not shine) and the other is immortal (related to the SE pillar and the region where the sun always shines). 

Later these iconographic models evolved in the Middle East and Egypt into a single column representing two torsos and finally a single body with two heads looking at opposite directions.

Which reminds us of the Two Towers becoming one...nice horns..

Sometimes Janus is shown with two keys, those of the solstice gates, Janua Celi and Janua Inferni, corresponding respectively to the winter and summer solstices, the two extremes in the sun’s annual course,for as master of time, Janus is the janitor who opens and closes this cycle. Janus is also the god of initiation into the mysteries. (The word "initiation" derives from in-ire, or enter (again the symbolism of the gate) 

The word janitor comes from Janus and jani means doorkeeper and tor covered passageway. As a god of motion he looks after passages, causes the starting of actions, presides on all beginnings and since movement and change are bivalent, he has a double nature.

Here in the movie Bruce Almighty Janus the Janitor stands at the entrance to the stairway beside the two pillars with his sceptre in hand.....he is dressed in grey as he is appearing in disguise ....

Now he reveals his true nature like Gandalf the Grey who died and ascended and like the Pope he is dressed in white demonstrating his divine nature as a shining one....and again he has a beard..

Morgan even publicly declared himself as God..

“It’s a hard question because as I said at the start, I think we invented God. So if I believe in God, and I do, it’s because I think I’m God.”

 However as depicted above at times one head was male and one female; one with a beard and one without...or sometimes they just got really confused...

So thats why bearded women are trending at the moment....

Turning to their initiatory symbolism, Janus as the god of initiation has two keys, gold and silver, that represent the greater mysteries and the lesser mysteries, and the celestial and terrestrial paradises, respectively. 

 In America.. New York could depicted as the silver gate and San Francisco as the golden gate two places on two different coasts .. one at the north east and one at the south west to either enter or exit... they also are represented as two pillars. It is also manifesting on earth the heavenly gateways between dimensions through the silver gate of the moon and the golden gate of the sun. Another city that would fit as a gateway would be Miami as it is in the same place as the South East pillar.

Because Janus is also the master of the solstices, with ascending and descending cycles that begin at the winter and summer solstice respectively,
he is also the Master of the Two Ways to which the solstice gates give access, the ways of the right and the left,which the Pythagoreans represented by the letter "Y," represented esoterically in the myth of Hercules as the ways of virtue and vice.

The Janitor is wearing a hat depicting both gateways NY stands for the silver gate of New York but in this case the N is placed over the Y..

the beginning is placed over the end...the Alpha over the Omega the Alef over the Tav....the past over the future...days of future past....

if you rotate the  Hebrew letter Tav 45 degrees you get a Y...he is depicting his control over both gateways and time itself.

Janus is shown throughout ancient mythology as a guardian of the doorways or gateways and we have to get past him to escape this physical realm. Once we get past him we travel through the wormhole to reach our spiritual destination a freeman or woman. Free (from) (Dr) doom. Just a thought.

Any Janitor worth his salt has a set of keys..

There are two keys for the two gateways one silver and one female one ancient Rome they were held by Janus and Cybele..

About 378, the Pope fell heir to the keys that were the symbols of two well-known Pagan divinities at Rome. 

Janus bore a key, and Cybele bore a key; and these are the two keys that the Pope emblazons on his coat of arms as the ensigns of his spiritual authority. (and flag)

Cybele, Latin name of the goddess native to Phrygia in Asia Minor and known to the Greeks as Rhea, the wife of the Titan Cronus and mother of the Olympian gods. 

Cybele was the goddess of nature, fertility, and of fortifications, who was worshiped in Rome as the Great Mother of the Gods. 

She bore a key like Janus, which opened the gates of the invisible world. There is strong evidence going by symbology alone that she is the original goddess that Rome truly worships. 

The term Cardinal is derived from Cardo, a hinge. Janus, whose key the Pope bears, was the god of doors and hinges... It was only in the second century before the Christian era that the worship of Cybele under that name, was introduced to Rome; but the same goddess, under the name of Cardea, with the "power of the key," was worshiped in Rome, along with Janus, many years before.

So here is the thing... Rome's official policy is that the keys refer to Peter who was given the keys of the kingdom by Christ but how can that be if they existed in Rome many centuries earlier? Never mind the fact that there is zero evidence that the historical figure of Peter ever set foot in Rome in the first place. If Peter was not the first pope nor the holder of the keys then is the Church of Rome really the Church of Janus?

Some might say the name J ANUS might be a major clue given Rome's preoccupation with that part of the anatomy.

The Latin word annus is derived from the Celto- Etruscan monosyllables, a circle or ring, or revolution, knowledge ; that is, the knowledge of the true termination of the sun's yearly revolution, when he returns again to the same 
place in the zodiac, the ascertained period of his revolution. Which is where we get the word annual from.

There are those in the occult world who believe that the act of sodomy accompanied by the appropriate ritual serves as a gateway into another spiritual realm a higher mystery or key. 

The silver gate could also represent the back covered passage in our an atom y the anus that Janus as the god of motion travels along going back and forward  bringing enlightenment. The pine al gland could represent the golden gate which opens up the third eye the eye of Horus the sun god who enters in and takes control of our body and soul.

In the above scene from the same movie Bruce begins as if preaching a sermon and blessing the gangs back alley...c lever...a moon key then appears from a mans back alley....and then returns the same Janus has delegated his power to Bruce he can open and close the silver gate of the moon with his key.The man like Bruce is wearing white demonstrating that he has now been enlightened by the moonkey experience also notice he is wearing a cross. Before all this Bruce puffs himself up with hot air....which reminds me of a recent discussion I had with my partner in rhyme on Merovee Roobeedo about the nursery rhyme Little Miss Moffet sat on her tuffet..

A tuffet was also called a pouffe...

Pouffe is a nineteenth century French import for "something puffed out".

Another sense of the word tuffet is "an inflatable landing area for precision accuracy parachute landings". 

Sort of like X marks the spot.

And Morgan Freeman also starred as Ale X Along Came A Spider..the title of which is taken from Little Miss Moffet...

As Morgan knows only too well trav eel ing through space and time involves going through a tunnel and the circular stargate...

Now thats a scary spider....and reminds me of...

the rising radio active son....

Now take a minute and lets anal yse is created by the motion of traveling in and out of a hole...we come into this world through a tunnel and emerge through a hole...and when we die we are placed in a hole in the ground...and people who have had near death experiences claim they travel through a tunnel and a hole with a light at the end..we sustain life by breathing through holes...

...we see, hear, smell and talk through holes...we eat..drink  and defecate through holes...and people who are super spiritual are called hole y....and have a circular hole above their heads a halo......and why do they call it a holo gram....which means w hole message in Greek..and our society is obsessed with backsides and the back passage....both the male and female..most porn sites feature more anal sex than any other type....and even scientists are worried about black holes in space...

and back on earth sink holes are also causing concern,,every city street has man hole covers....volcano's and caves are holes in the earth....and they all lead to the underworld....and in the Bible the Holy Spirit appears as a whirlwind and a storm in the sky... kind of like a wind tunnel..which was also the method according to the Book of Kings that was used to take Elijah out of this world ..I mean Alice traveled down the rabbit hole and Dorothy traveled to the land of Oz in a whirlwind...the evidence is pointing to the fact that we travel in and out of this physical world/realm/dimension through a type of tunnel and hole..and could it be possible to do this without physically dying.

Now enough of holes lets turn back to the the different faces of Janus

In demonology, Janus Bifrons is a demon, Earl of Hell, with sixty legions of demons (Sixty-six according to other authors) under his command. He teaches sciences and arts, the virtues of the gems and woods, herbs,and changes corpses from their original grave into other places, sometimes putting magick lights on the graves that appear like candles. He first appears as a monster, but then changes his shape into that of a man.

The origin of the name is the Roman god, Janus.

Other spellings: Bifrovs, Bifröus

So here Janus is depicted as a shape-shifter who keeps hiding his true identity and pretending to be something that he is not. So what other characteristics has he got?

In general, Janus is at the origin of time as the guardian of the gates of Heaven and according to myth Jupiter himself can move forth and back because of Janus’s working. In one of his temples that of Forum Holitorium, the hands of his statue were positioned to signify the number 355 (13) the number of days in a year this later became 365 (14) symbolically expressing his mastership over time. 

He presides over the concrete and abstract beginnings of the world, such as religion and the gods themselves, he too holds the access to Heaven and to other gods: this is the reason why men must invoke him first, regardless of the god they want to pray or placate. He is the initiator of human life, of new historical ages, and financial enterprises: according to myth he was the first to mint coins.

This links him to the world of trade, commerce and finance and as the mediator between earth and the spiritual realm this is all very familiar territory to the Church of Janus today.

Ovid in his work Fasti calls him the god of chaos and confusion he was also known as the confounder...and now for my next trick I am going to confound you by shape-shifting into a...

Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild sporting golden calf baphomet, and Baron Alexis de Redé as two-faced Janus at a Rothschild soiree….

He or they are trying to con us into believing they are the co n founders of the world...the above are some of J anus followers....

and talking about being able to perform magic tricks...

those horns just keep on appearing here is another example.....

Now Janus is linked to a much earlier figure called Oannes who also was described with two heads. Berossus lived in the time of Alexander, son of Philip, wrote a history of his country, fragments of which have been preserved by Apollodorus Abydenus and Josephus. 

The following is from Alexander Polyhistor : — " He mentions there were written accounts preserved at Babylon with great care, comprehending a period of fifteen myriads of years ; and that these writings contained the histories of the heavens, and of the sea ; of the birth of mankind and of the kings, and of their memorable actions." After describing the situation of the country, and its products, he says : — 

“At Babylon there were (in these times) a great resort of people of various nations, who inhabited Chaldea, and lived in a lawless manner like beasts of the field. 

*' In the first year there appeared, from that part (foaming) of the Erythrean sea which borders upon Babylonia, an animal destitute of reason, by name Oannes (Janus) whose whole body (according to the account of Apollodorus) was that of a fish and that under the fish's head he had another head with feet also, below, similar to those of a man, subjoined to the fish's tail. His voice too, and language, was articulate and human and a representation of him is preserved even to this day. 

This being was accustomed to pass the day among men but took no food at that season and he gave them an insight into letters and sciences, and arts of every kind. He taught them to construct cities, to found temples, to compile laws, and explained to them the principles of geometrical knowledge. He made them distinguish the seeds of the earth, and showed them how to collect the fruits; in short, he instructed them in every thing which could tend to soften manners and humanize their lives. 

From that time nothing material has been added by way of improvement to his instructions. And when the sun was set, this being, Oannes, retired again into the sea, and passed the night in the deep for he was amphibious. 

After this there appeared other animals like Oannes, of which Berossus proposes to give an account when he comes to the history of the kings. Moreover, Oannes wrote concerning the generations of mankind, and their civil polity and the following is the purport of what he said: — 

"There was a time in which there existed nothing but darkness and an abyss of waters, wherein resided most hideous beings, which were produced of the two-fold principle. There appeared men, some of whom were furnished with two wings, others with four, and with two faces. 

They had one body but two heads: the one that of a man, the other that of a woman; and likewise in their several organs that of male and female. Other human figures were to be seen with legs and horns of goats; some had horses' feet; while others united the hind quarters of a horse with the body of a man, resembling the hippo-centaurs. Bulls likewise were bred there with the heads of men ; and dogs with two-fold bodies, terminating in their extremities with tails of fishes ; horses with the heads of dogs; men too, and other animals, with the heads and bodies of horses, and the tails of fishes.

In short there were creatures, in which were combined the limbs of every species of animals. In addition to these, fishes, reptiles, serpents, with other monstrous animals, that also assumed each other's shapes and countenance.  All of which were preserved delineations in the temple of Belus at Babylon. 

"The person who presided over them was a woman named Omoraca , (America?) which in the Chaldean language is Thalath, in Greek Thalassa; but which might equally be interpreted as the sea and the moon.

The above bears a remarkable resemblance to the Statue of Liberty which is placed at the Silver Gate of New York.

Cybele was worshipped as a human goddess as well as in the form of a sacred black meteorite. In this manifestation, Cybele is co-identical with the Arabic Goddess Allat. She was also depicted holding a torch as the keeper of illumination and knowledge. The famous statue of Diana of the Ephesians also had a black meteorite kept inside the tower on her head.

Bruce Almighty also causes meteors to strike the earth causing chaos and confusion. Here he is dressed in white with white hair to show he has ascended and become the god-man.

Cybele was also known as the goddess of the moon and her priests also had to have a dual nature.In keeping with the cults of other Goddesses, the priests of Cybele were to undergo a ritual transformation prior to their acceptance into the Priesthood of the Mother Goddess.

The ancient tradition of a man who wished to dedicate himself to the Goddess, of becoming as a woman, was nowhere so celebrated as in the Cult of Cybele, particularly in Roman times.The effeminate priests of the Goddess were instantly recognizable by their wearing of women’s clothing, their make-up and their overtly feminine behavior.

The Initiation process involved several rituals which marked the stages of transformation, as in order to participate in some of the Women’s Mysteries, 
a man had to leave his masculinity behind permanently and literally be feminized. Among other initiation rituals, the candidate priests of Cybele would ultimately enter into the final test of dedication, which was the giving up of the vital life-blood and essence of the man to the Goddess by means of a literal castration.

Having thus freed themselves of their manhood in the mutilating rites which usually followed a frenzied orgy and given everything of value to the Goddess, the initiate would become a Priest and then be allowed to take part in the traditionally women’s only rituals and live in the Temple, performing many if not all of the functions of the Priestess and to all intents and purposes assuming the identity of a woman.

Through the ultimate sacrifice of the life-blood, a man could then earn the right to live at the lotus feet of the Goddess forever.
This process is paralleled in all of the other ancient mystery cults of the Goddess. In the Ancient Near East, the Goddess Inanna was said to have made men into women by her own hand.

The moon also featured heavily in the movie Bruce Almighty; where Bruce lassoed it and changed its orbit and brought it closer to earth which resulted in tidal waves and earthquakes.

Which was a take on a much earlier film about an angel coming to earth to help George Bailey who lived in Bed Ford Falls..

Jim Carrey also starred in another movie as the Man on the Moon..with a ladder....

 and Mr Freeman also had his ladder which leads to another world

Bruce worked for Eyewitness news in Buffalo and one of the names of Janus was Bel Athri which means Lord of Spies and Janus Tuens which means all seeing Janus and in another form he was worshipped as the horned bull which matches Buffalo. He was also known as previously mentioned as the confounder or the god of confusion and this certainly describes the androgyny of the sexes and the confusion of species.

In returning to Oannes some of the earliest cave drawings that have ever been found on earth are of half human and half fish hybrids.

So in our earliest records both written and in art form it tells a story of beings that appear to be part human and part animal/fish. Mainstream historians and religions cannot come up with a proper explanation of who or what exactly these creatures are or what they represent.

I recently watched the respected Oxford academic Robin Lane Fox attempting to explain why an ancient Neo Hittite statue of an archer had six fingers and six toes. His archaeological team made an important discovery of an enormous fossil of a creature which had human characteristics and immediately labeled it as a mastodon a name they often use if they haven't got a clue or cannot explain the discovery. 

The academic world is a strange world it is a suffocating place as your mind and world view have to be shaped so small and so scripted. You are not allowed to think outside the set program or you will find yourself quickly with a bad reputation,funding cut and more importantly no job. I find it difficult to operate in such a confined space or to be restricted to such a narrow mode of thought. The academic's love to ridicule and make fun of anyone who dares to think for themselves or come up with an alternative explanation. They play the game and drink the Kool Aid and take the money and even worse the new breed of academic's all crave celebrity; they all want to be on television showing the world how c lever they are. 

But here is a scary thought for these mainstream academics what if these gods and creatures were real and actually existed and walked or swam upon our earth and seas a scary long time ago.  Where do the stories come from, they have to originate somewhere, they are not handed down from generation to generation if they were not of great importance to the culture of the time. I can hear their reply they are only symbolic they represent this or that...well maybe they do...but I keep all possibilities open particularly the ones that appear to be impossible.

Furthermore why did the Roman Catholic Church absorb these pagan gods and symbols into their faith if they did not think they were of great significance? 

In addition if these beings did really exist here on our physical realm where did they go and even more crucially are they coming back?

The problem is we are all programmed not to believe that such things could exist in the "real" world but when it comes to entertainment provided to us by Hole (l) y wood these gods certainly do exist in fact they dominate the movie and television world's narrative. Is there a reason for that or is it all just one big coincidence? I mean we have all been programmed to believe that gods don't exist apart from in our popular culture which encourages us to worship them as heroes...or is that all part of some agenda to get us to accept subliminally the return of these ancient gods.

In their book The Stargate Conspiracy Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince certainly have much evidence which points to a conspiracy being played on mankind which involve various groups and intelligence agencies. The message is again one which involves the return of the ancient gods. Is this deliberate as they must get us to believe in order to make their planned future events a reality? The authors of the above book also have their own agenda and have been granted access to people and sources that would not be granted to others. They even appeared in the movie The Da Vinci Code as extras playing passengers on a London bus. I am just asking questions and testing out the sources...can they be trusted. 

Back in 2008 I was researching Tony Blair and Bill Clinton's joint initiative the Faith Foundation which promotes a new global involves many famous people from all walks of life including prominent Christian figures. One of these figures is Nicky Gumbel an Anglican priest famous for developing the Alpha Course a course which is fully sanctioned and approved by the Vatican and which has now spread globally to every type of Christian Church. Is this course a form of control and  brainwashing?..just asking the question...

The Faith Foundation is also promoted by mega church pastor Rick Warren who was chosen by Obama to carry out the invocation at his inauguration as President a ceremony with deep historical and spiritual roots. The legal firm who handles the finances of this organisation are none other than the Queen of England's  solicitors Farrer & Co who also represent the Bin Laden Corporation. This is just another coincidence of course why would the Queen's solicitors be linked to an organisation that promotes a new global religion and also represent one of the most powerful Muslim families in the world who also just happen to manage another famous black meteorite stone at Mecca and other Muslim Hole y Shrines. 

In addition a family with close ties to two former American President's through financing their oil companies in Texas and of course lets not forget the Bin Laden's infamous cousin who was used as a scapegoat. Surely anyone would question why powerful Christians and Muslims and left wing and right wing politicians are all in business together and why are they all seemingly keen on helping to promote a new religion.

As previously mentioned Janus was always known in ancient times as the god of beginnings and endings the above could be construed as a tunnel with a hole at the end or is that just me..

Now in the 21st century we are starting once again to see the confusion of the sexes and also with the rise of genetics and robotics the mixing of species. So are Janus and Cybele about to reappear along with the other ancient gods or is that what they secretly want us to believe after all has it not always been about who keeps control of the keys.

This as Roobee would say is a bit of a shambles of a post I hope you have made some sense of it and enjoyed the ride.

I will leave you with the lyrics of one of the tracks of Bruce Almighty it was entitled very appropriately God shaped hole....

Every point of view has another angle
And every angle has its merit
But all comes down to faith
Thats the way i see it

You can say that love is not divine and
You can say that life is not eternal
"all we have is now"
But i don't believe it

There's a god-shaped hole in all of us

And the restless soul is searching
There's a god-shaped hole in all of us
And it's a void only he can fill

Does the world seem gray with empty longing
Wearing every shade of cynical
And do you ever feel that
There is something missing?

That's my point of view...

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