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Gene Genie

Thanks to African Anon and Roobee over at Merovee for inspiring me with their chat about our genes being hacked which led me to Gene Hack Man and his early career. Let's just enjoy the ride and see where the connections take us.

Hackman first appearance was only a bit part in the film Mad Dog Coll in 1961. He made his Broadway debut two years later in the Children From Their Games, which was quickly followed a role in A Rainy Day in New ark later that year. 

Gene Hackman's first proper movie role was in a strange story entitled Lilith made in 1964.

The movie poster states "before Eve there was Evil and her name was Lilith" and it also features a spiders web. In the movie she is a little bit crazy and kept locked up in a mental institution and her second name is Arthur.

Vincent Bruce, a young Korean War veteran, returns to his Maryland hometown and begins working as an occupational therapist at a nearby elite sanitarium for the wealthy. There he meets the beautiful and seductive Lilith Arthur, who lives in a secret world of her own creation. He soon falls in love with her, which is against sanitarium policy and they have a secret affair. But, he soon discovers that she is also having a lesbian affair with Yvonne Meaghan, another patient, and that their pursuit of love is often dangerous. 

While at a medieval fair, there are a brief few moments of Lilith kissing and whispering into the ear of a young boy who has given her a chip of ice. Vincent just watches from a distance, not stopping her or even saying anything to her. He is so in "lust" with Lilith that he overlooks this behavior as he does with the lesbian affair. Stephen Evshevsky,yet another patient who is in love with Lilith, commits suicide after he gives her a handmade gift and Vincent returns it knowing Stephen will assume Lilith has rejected him. His death destroys Lilith, severing her last connection with reality, and she retreats into complete madness. The experience also shatters Vincent, and he decides to quit his job. But, instead of simply leaving the hospital, he asks a doctor for psychiatric help.

Lilith has the effect of making everyone around her fall in lust with her both male and female and according to this movie poster she wants to make you dream or send you into a void. The movie also stars Kim Hunter and in ancient legend Lilith was a hunter of souls especially that of men and children. The movie was directed by a Mr Jones (Bones) a name that keeps appearing quite a lot in the world of synchronicity.

In 1967 Hackman starred in Season 2 Episode 7 of the scifi show The Invaders entitled Spores which aired on the 17th October. Here is the outline of the plot... Gene Hackman plays an alien courier Tom Jessup who loses track of a briefcase containing something vital: spores. These organisms, properly nourished, will grow into aliens able to tolerate Earth's high oxygen content. Through mischance, Jessup loses track of the briefcase, which changes hands several times. Finally, some kids wind up with it, and meanwhile inside it the spores continue to grow, and outside it, Jessup is increasingly desperate.

A spore is a seed and a seed that has the power to reproduce itself.

A usually one-celled reproductive body that can grow into a new organism without uniting with another cell. Spores are haploid (having only a single set of chromosomes). Fungi, algae, seedless plants, and certain protozoans reproduce asexually by spores. Plant spores that are dispersed by the wind have walls containing sporopollenin.

 A similar one-celled body in seed-bearing plants; the macrospore or microspore. The macrospore of seed-bearing plants develops into a female gametophyte or me(gaga)metophyte, which is contained within the ovule and eventually produces the egg cells. (The megagametophyte is also called the embryo sac in angiosperms.) The microspore of seed-bearing plants develops into the male microgametophyte or pollen grain.

This storyline is similar to Invasion of the Body Snatchers where seeds from Space arrive on Earth and start reproducing before entering into a host body.

The story starts in the fictional town of Santa Mira, California, Miles Bennell, a local doctor, sees a number of patients who believe their loved ones have been replaced by impostors. Returning from a trip, Miles meets his former girlfriend, Becky Driscoll, who has herself recently come back to town after a recent divorce. Becky tells him that her cousin Wilma has the same fear about her Uncle Ira. Dr. Dan Kauffman, a psychiatrist in the town, assures Bennell that these cases are merely an "epidemic of mass hysteria."

That same evening Bennell's friend Jack Belicec finds a body with his physical features, though it's not fully developed; later, another body is found in the cellar of Becky's home that is a copy of her. When Bennell calls Kauffman to the scene, the bodies have mysteriously disappeared, and Kauffman informs Bennell that he is falling for the same hysteria. The following night, Bennell, Becky, Jack, and Jack's wife Teddy again find duplicates of themselves, emerging from large seed pods in Dr. Bennell's greenhouse; they conclude that the townspeople are being replaced while asleep by exact physical copies. Miles tries to make a long distance call for help from federal authorities, but the phone operator claims that all long-distance lines are busy; Jack and Teddy drive off to seek help in the next town. Bennell and Becky discover that most inhabitants have been replaced and are devoid of any humanity; they flee to Bennell's office to hide for the night.

The next morning, they see truckloads of the large pods heading to neighboring towns, to be used to replace their populations. Kauffman and Jack, both of whom have become "pod people" by now, arrive at Bennell's office and reveal that an extraterrestrial life form is responsible for the invasion. After their takeover, they explain, life loses its frustrating complexity, because all emotions and sense of individuality vanish.
Which sounds somewhat similar to acquiring a hive mind and becoming a Pod person from the land of Nod who takes over your body while you Nod off.

This same plot is repeated somewhat in the new BBC America show Intruders which stars John Simm star of Prey and who played the Master in Dr Who.

It was written by Mr Mars hall who asks you to smoke outside uh oh...

Roobeedoo on Merovee keeps reminding us that meteorites are carriers of plagues and viruses.

Panspermia is a Greek word that translates literally as "seeds everywhere". The panspermia hypothesis states that the "seeds" of life exist all over the Universe and can be propagated through space from one location to another. Some believe that life on Earth may have originated through these "seeds".

Mechanisms for panspermia include the deflection of interstellar dust by solar radiation pressure and extremophile microorganisms traveling through space within an asteroid, meteorite or comet.

Nevertheless, comets are an ideal vehicle for sustaining and transporting a variety of microbes, including viruses, from planet to planet and even from solar system to solar system. In consequence, when these organisms are deposited on a world already thriving with life, genes may be exchanged, the evolution of new species may ensue, or conversely contagion may be unleashed, and disease, death, and plague may spread throughout the land.

So Panspermia can lead to a Pandemic this Pan guy's sperm sounds really important. Pan had two horns like a ram or two ears like a rabbit both very sexually active animals anyhow back to Gene.

Warren Beatty who starred in Lilith proved instrumental in Hackman's big career breakthrough. He helped Hackman land a supporting role in Bonnie and Clyde (1967), which starred Beatty and Faye Dunaway as the infamous criminal couple. Hackman played Clyde's brother, Buck Burrow, who joins his sibling and his lady on their bank robbery spree. The role brought Hackman a lot of critical attention and his first Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

A warren is a mound cigar shaped home for rabbits and was originally surrounded by a moat as rabbits don't like water.

Ditsworthy Warren House is a Grade II listed building near Sheepstor in Devon, England. It is an isolated building on the south-western edge of Dartmoor, and was built for the keeper of the rabbit warren near the house.

It was used in 2010 as a filming location for the Steven Spielberg film, War Horse

Ultimately, the term war ren was generalized to include wild burrows which could also describe the individual of the same name played by Hackman.

A buck is a male rabbit and a female is called a doe. 

Obviously they live in a Buck Palace where they get up to all sorts of sexual shenanigans.

The rabbit often appears in folklore as the trickster archetype, as he uses his cunning to outwit his enemies.

Rabbits are often used as a symbol of fertility or rebirth, and have long been associated with spring and Easter as the Easter Bunny.
Additionally, rabbits are often used as symbols of playful sexuality as well as having a reputation as a prolific breeder.

In returning to Bonnie and Clyde, Bonnie Parker was famous for her heavy smoking of Camel cigarettes and chewing on cigars. I can't think who that reminds me off but nice beret.

On January 16, 1934, (17,17) Barrow orchestrated the escape of Raymond Hamilton, Henry Methvin and several others in the infamous "East ham Breakout" of 1934. The brazen raid generated negative publicity for Texas, and Barrow seemed to have achieved what historian Phillips described as his overriding goal: revenge on the Texas Department of Corrections.

During the jailbreak, escapee Joe Palmer shot prison officer Major Joe Crowson. This attack attracted the full power of the Texas and federal government to the manhunt for Barrow and Parker. As Crowson struggled for life, prison chief Lee Simmons reportedly promised him that all persons involved in the breakout would be hunted down and killed. All were, except for Henry Methvin, whose life was traded for turning Barrow and Parker over to authorities.

The Texas Department of Corrections contacted former Texas Ranger Captain Frank A. Ham er, and persuaded him to hunt down the Barrow Gang. Though retired, Hamer had retained his commission, which had not yet expired.
He accepted the assignment as a Texas Highway Patrol officer, secondarily assigned to the prison system as a special investigator, and given the specific task of taking Bonnie, Clyde and the Barrow Gang.

The gang is all here...its the Hare Bear Bunch.

Here is another modern version of the Barrow gang with Donnie instead of Bonnie.

The movie Donnie Darko featured a rabbit called Frank and in 1968 Hackman was back on familiar territory as a mental patient called Frank Hunter in the series I Spy which mirrors his earlier film Lilith which also featured a mental institution and starred a Hunter.

While sightseeing in a Mexican town Scott and Robin son think they see someone familiar. When they approach him he gets the drop on them and gets away. After checking they find out that Frank Hunter a convicted mental patient judged incurable and sentenced to life has escaped. Hunter is a demolitions expert who has sworn revenge against Tom Matthews, the agent who apprehended him. Matthews has retired and lives with his family in Mexico. Robinson and Scott are assigned to find Hunter and stop him before he can hurt Matthews and his family.

I thought I would include this review of the episode has it includes many interesting connections that we can look at another time.

Here is the review...

I am giving this particular episode of I SPY a "7" but it is for two reasons which may seem a trifle frivolous, but which I feel rather serious enough about to mention.

Jim Backus (Bacchus) and Gene Hackman both had roles in this particular episode. It was not a comic episode either. Hackman played the villain, a man with a grudge against Bill Cosby and Robert Culp and another, and he was killed off in the course of the episode (but I recall it was not quite at the end). I believe (someone may correct me on this) he has left a bomb which may still kill several people after his death. But in his case, it was one of his last television acting performances in a supporting part. He made BONNIE AND CLYDE that year, and within ten years would have won the Oscar for his performance in THE FRENCH CONNECTION as "Pop eye" Doyle.

As for Backus, he was the agent that Hackman's fury was really directed at. The bomb danger was directed toward Backus' family in the episode. It was not the type of role we tend to identify with him (especially as he had just finished his period playing Mr. McGoo and Thurston Howard III on GILLIGAN'S ISLAND) but more in line with his serious work as a dramatic actor in films like REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE and THE MAN WITH A THOUSAND FACES (which links to the prince with the thousand enemies). As such he handled the role well. It sometimes makes me pause about performers like Backus, who really were capable of more than what they are recalled for. It makes me treasure the moments when they did get a chance to show their other abilities. This was one of them.

I will continue Gene Hackman's film career in a future post.

Gene playing Frank Hunter syncs nicely with Gene Hunt in Life on Mars a show about the Law and Time Travel and which also features John Simm the star of the Intruders.

During the last episode, Hunt is revealed to be part of a supernatural world, a form of limbo, populated by dead police officers. His role has been described as an "archangel", helping the souls in a place between "earth and heaven". In other words he plays the Angel of Death otherwise known as the Grim Reaper.
He also starred as a demon hunter in another show called Demons and I could write another post alone on the syncs in his acting career.
Enough of the syncs for a moment let's get down to more serious business firstly can our genes actually be hacked. Well the answer is (in the words of Obama) yes they can.

It is my firm belief that the technology of today is still catching up to the knowledge they once had in the ancient world. There is a strong possibility our DNA has been hacked before in the distant past and a foreign seed planted waiting for the right moment or the right technology to reawaken. I also believe our original DNA was that of a much higher spiritual creation and it too has lain dormant. We do have a choice I believe as to which DNA we want to reawaken the original seed or the hybrid one. 

In returning to Lilith and rabbits they have long been associated in ancient culture with the moon

there is much more hidden from us than just whats inside our junk DNA.

It is my firm belief that Lilith in our culture represents the dark side of the divine feminine and pretends to be our true mother Eve but she is not our real mother she is in fact very much a counterfeit a surrogate an illusion she is more akin to the cuckoo who has imprisoned Eve the Goddess of Love.

I recommend watching the video of the cuckoo.

This process of being evicted is one of the most repeated messages played out on a daily basis to humankind through the mainstream media. 

In addition Big Brother or  (Buck Barrow Donnie Darko) Pan the one with the horns the all seeing eye who is always spying on us is called our brother because that is the script.

Think back to the ancient story of Cain and Abel where Cain is the older and therefore Big Brother and the first murderer who evicts or gets rid of Abel.

Lilith’s legend is ancient and precedes Judaism.  Her first mention is found in a Sumerian king list which dates from about 2400 BC.   

That list states that the father of the great hero Gilgamesh was a Lillu demon.  

The first substantial written record of Lilith comes in the epic Gilgamesh and the Huluppu Tree (circa 2000 BC).  In that epic the demoness Lilith and a snake haunt a great tree situated in a holy garden of the gods.  As we shall see later, this tale has strong parallels with Genesis’ story of the garden of Eden and tree of knowledge of good and evil.  

Lilith tempting Adam and Eve as depicted on Notre Dame Cathedral

Lilith appears by name only once in the Bible.  This comes in Isaiah 34, which describes her as a bird like demon who dwells in an utterly desolate land once at the ocean’s floor.  She is intimately fused with a snake, and she is a killer of young children. There is also a reference to Lilith in Proverbs 30 under the title of Alukah.  Proverbs’ heavily mystic passages speak of two types of barren women given over to the power of Alukah. Alukah serves as a source of cursing and death to one barren woman and the catalyst in granting a promised seed to the other.  

In addition, Alukah has strong parallels to the cursing agent in the bitter water trial of the Sotah.  According to the Zohar this agent is the spirit 
of Lilith.  In the Middle Ages legends became prevalent that Alukah was the mother of estries – female bird-like winged monsters whom were said to devour children and drink their blood.  Esteries are the earliest known incarnations of the modern vampire legend, and their similarity to Lilith are obvious.  

The Temptation of Adam and Eve 
Lilith makes a handful of appearances in the Talmud (circa 400 CE).  Her mentions are painfully brief, as the writers assume she is known entity to the reader.  One Talmudic writer warns that she comes in secret at night to men in their sleep, much like a succubus or night hag, to steal semen from them.  Another writer holds that she stole semen from Adam in such a manner, and with this she inseminated her first seed.  

Lilith’s legend struck a cord in medieval Christian circles.  Michelangelo depicted Lilith as the Serpent in his famous paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and she is likewise depicted as the tempting Serpent in a carving on the Notre Dame cathedral in France.  Lilith appears in many other artworks of the era as the Serpent.

Eve in the Garden Limbourg

She is also shown as being able to mimic and clone other beings as shown here as appearing identical to Eve. This mirrors the cuckoo who can mimic and match the look and colour of the eggs of other birds.

In our modern culture she is represented by the character MystiQue who has red/orange hair and blue skin and can change shape to mimic and and appear as a clone of other people.

She is viewed as the embodiment of Sin as she is used as the vessel to tempt Adam and Eve. Whatever went on in the garden it involved a lot more than just eating the fruit of a tree. The fact remains however that according to the information that has been passed down to us Lilith is not human and therefore has stolen the identity of the divine feminine Eve. 

This storyline of conflict between two females and their male offspring has been buried deep in ancient books in myth and legend but can also be gleaned from the Bible.

Gen 15 "And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her Offspring; He will bruise and tread your head underfoot, and you will lie in wait and bruise His heel."

It is normally females that are impregnated with seed and have offspring it is talking here about two separate females and their two separate male offspring that of Eve and Lilith.

This script of a war between the two seeds has been going on ever since and is soon to come to its ultimate conclusion. In modern culture it is depicted as between those mut ants with the hive mind who have superior super powers and the rest of mankind who are shown as narrow minded and fearful of progress and anything different. Jennifer LAW RENce (war wren) plays the shape shifting Lilith.

Ants have two antenna like horns which they use to transmit and receive signals from the hive. In addition they live underground in mounds just like rabbits.

Lawrence played Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook who is a tad crazy just like Lilith...and who also likes to have sex with everybody both male and female....

I opened up to you and you judged me....instead of forgiving her.

The movie also features the song Gene Genie which just happens to be the title of this post and I only discovered this now as I write this... hows that for synchronicity.

A genie is a jinn

Jinn or djinn (singular: jinnī, djinni, or genie; Arabic: الجن‎ al-jinn, singular الجني al-jinnī) are supernatural creatures in Islamic mythology as well as pre-Islamic Indian mythology. They are mentioned frequently in the Quran (the 72nd sura is titled Sūrat al-Jinn) and other Islamic texts and inhabit an unseen world in dimensions beyond the visible universe of humans. The Quran says that the jinn are made of a smokeless and "scorching fire",

In ancient times Lilith is depicted as a bird and a wren is also a type of bird.

The wren is also known as kuningilin "kinglet" in Old High German, a name associated with the fable of the election of the "king of birds". 

The bird who could fly to the highest altitude would be made king. 

The eagle outflew all other birds, but he was beaten by a small bird who had hidden in his plumage. 

This fable is already known to Aristotle (Historia Animalium 9.11) and Plinius (Naturalis Historia 10.74 ), and was taken up by medieval authors such as Johann Geiler von Kaisersberg, but it concerns Regulus, and is apparently motivated by the yellow "crown" sported by these birds (a point noted already by Ludwig Uhland). In modern German the name is Zaunkönig, king of the fence (or hedge). 

In Dutch the name is winterkoninkje (little winter king).

The family name Troglodytidae is derived from troglodyte, which means "cave-dweller", and the wrens get their scientific name from the tendency of some species to forage in dark crevices.

The name wren is also ascribed to other families of passerine birds throughout the world. In Europe, species of Regulus are commonly known as "wrens", the common firecrest and goldcrest as "fire-crested wren" and "golden-crested wren", respectively.

Jinn ifer seems to catch fire a lot....


Her husband in the film is played by Christian Bale who also played another character with pointy ears or horns Batman. 

Baal was a Canaanite storm god.

The term means Lord and his consort was called Baaleth which means Lady and sounds similar to Lilith.

So Christian Bale could also be interpreted as Christian Lord. 

In the film The Dark Knight Rises he was told, "There's a storm coming Mr Wayne" or is it Mr Cain he did carry a walking stick in the scene...and his butler was also a Mr Caine. 

In returning to Jennifer's characters in Winters Bonnie she was searching the Oz arks looking for her Hadad which is another name for Baal.

Nice horns and the reply could be read as OZ OR NOD as in the film her dad was already dead and underground.

This same storyline of the King of the Jungle and the Queen Bee who are coming to judge mankind to find them guilty and to evict them is all around us.

The Moon is also associated with Sin

Could Sin be the foreign seed, the seed of Lilith the one that led to us being imprisoned in these physical bodies and trapped in this physical world.?

Sin brought forth Death in other words Lilith brought forth Cain as he was the one who brought death into the world by committing murder (sin). The death gene that we are born with.

Zechariah 5

5 Then the angel who talked with me came forward and said to me, Lift up now your eyes and see what this is that goes forth.
6 And I said, What is it? [What does it symbolize?] And he said, This that goes forth is an ephah[-sized vessel for separate grains (cain's) (seeds) all collected together]. This, he continued, is the symbol of the sinners mentioned above and is the resemblance of their iniquity throughout the whole land.

7 And behold, a round, flat weight of lead was lifted and there sat a woman in the midst of the ephah[-sized vessel]. 

In some translations its also called a basket....

The scene here where Miss Gulch is riding her bicycle with a basket attached and transforms into a witch looks like Dorothy is watching the scene through a cinema screen or a window to another world is it real or a dream the book says it was real but the movie says it was all a dream. 

The farmyard scene with the chickens running around as the twister approaches reminds me of Chicken Little with the sky falling.


We have a choice we can break free of the dream or nightmare that is prepared for us; we can wake up to our own true reality and our own true purpose. 

While studying in Glasgow earlier this year I walked by this poster every day... I knew it was significant at the time.

Zechariah 5   7 Then the cover of lead was raised, and there in the basket sat a woman! 8 He said, “This is Wicked Ness,” and he pushed her back into the basket and pushed its lead cover down on it.

Scotland is well known for another Nessie who lives in the d ark ness and she is also green in colour

In the movie the Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen or Kat ness Evergreen

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Jennifer Lawrence is back as District 13’s finest, Katniss Everdeen, in the latest trailer for the third instalment in the ‘Hunger Games’ film series, ‘Mockingjay, Part One’.

In 1776 the 13 colonies or districts of America gained independence from King George after uniting as one to fight a common enemy and this was their symbol designed by Benjamin Franklin who spent a lot of time in Scotland.

They also worshiped at the Green Dragon

It was in the “Long Room” of the Green Dragon that on the 28th of August, 1769, the present St. Andrew’s Chapter was organized as a Royal Arch Lodge, under the authority of the Charter of St. Andrew’s Lodge. This degree was anciently given in Masters’ Lodges; which arrangement was subsequently changed, and it was conferred in Royal Arch Lodges, attached to and working under the authority of the Charters of Craft lodges.

General War ren was a member of this Lodge, and being present in 1770, the year after its organization, the record says he “gave his opinion in favour of holding (continuing) the Royal Arch Lodge until he should receive instructions from Scotland.

Scotland is the birthplace of Freemasonry and was the place of refuge of many of the Knights Templar. 

It is also the birthplace of the so called enlightenment and where the twin concepts of capitalism and evolution were born. 

Gene Hackman is also of Scottish ancestry as well as Pennsylvanian Dutch (Netherlands).

Join us or die is their message I don't plan on doing either.

What if the Fall involved splitting seeds or splitting adams (atoms)? What if the Fall and the Big Bang are one and the same?  There are many more layers to this ancient story and it is vitally important  that we uncover the truth about what really happened as history seems destined to keep repeating itself over and over again.  Cain and Lilith are hurting and filled with hate because they are under judgement and they want revenge only true love and forgiveness can set them free.

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