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I Robot

There is much to be learned from the famous court room scene between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in the movie A Few Good Men. It portrays the coming/past conflict between the Man of Lawlessness Tubal Cain and Cain the Joker. The Joker who runs the Matrix tells us he is there for our protection that he is there to stand guard to keep the monsters out and we should be grateful to him and bow down and worship him for keeping us all safe. However the truth is he is the monster and he is not keeping things out he is keeping us all in as prisoners Under the Dome.

                                                        Code Red

The Man of Lawlessness played here by Tom Cruise Tubal Cain 007wants to know the Truth and to find out if the Joker was responsible for ordering the Code Red and eventually he gets him to admit that he did. The Joker tells him that he can't handle the Truth but he is wrong WE can handle the Truth and it better for us to know rather than to keep on living in ignorance and blindly going round and round on the carousel.

Code Red is the constant state of panic that the Joker keeps this world in through his artificial media network. 

In the movie I Robot Will Smith (the BlackSmith) is a detective who hates robots.  He was involved in an accident and was saved by a robot at the expense of another persons life but he lost his arm and had to have a robotic arm fitted.  Dr Lanning who fitted his arm and who is the inventor of the robots is found dead. Smith suspects a robot named Sonny as being responsible even though robots are programmed not to kill human beings under the Three Laws of Robotics. 

That reminds me of the ten commandments which were written on tablets akin to motherboards.

I Robot Movie

The film and the Three Laws were based on a series of NINE short stories by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov.

The second of which was released in 1942 and entitled Runaround, it was set on the Planet Mercury.

Noted artificial intelligence researcher Marvin Minsky said: "After 'Runaround' appeared in the March 1942 issue of Astounding [now Analog Science Fiction and Fact ], I never stopped thinking about how minds might work."

Asimov created a unified "future history" for his stories much like those pioneered by Robert A. Heinlein and previously produced by Cordwainer Smith and Poul Anderson. (Thats Mr Smith and Mr Anderson lol)

He wrote hundreds of short stories, including the social science fiction "Nightfall", which in 1964 was voted by the Science Fiction Writers of America the best short science fiction story of all time. Asimov wrote the Lucky Starr series of juvenile science-fiction novels using the pen name Paul French

Isaac Asimov

In the late 1970s, Warner Brothers acquired the option to make a film based on the book I Robot, but no screenplay was ever accepted. The most notable attempt was one by Harlan Ellison, who collaborated with Asimov himself to create a version which captured the spirit of the original. Asimov is quoted as saying that this screenplay would lead to "the first really adult, complex, worthwhile science fiction movie ever made."

 In constructing the script as a series of flashbacks that focused on character development rather than action, Ellison used the film Citizen Kane as a model.

In Asimov's other story entitled Lucky Star and the Rings of Saturn the Sirians ((s)aryan) who feature in other stories as robots are exposed here as a super race..

"We have kept our descent pure; we have not allowed the weaklings in, or those with poor genes. We have weeded out the unfit from among ourselves so that we are now a pure race of the strong, the fit, and the healthy, while Earth remains a conglomerate of the diseased and deformed . . . .

"To the Outer Worlds, Councilman Starr, Earth is a terrible menace, a bomb of sub-humanity, ready to explode and contaminate the clean Galaxy. We don't want that to happen; we can't allow it to happen. It's what we're fighting for: a clean human race, composed of the fit."

all of the above rhetoric sounds quite familiar to me cannot think why...

Starr, speaking for Asimov, retorts:

"Composed of those you consider fit. But fitness comes in all shapes and forms. The great men of Earth have come from the tall and the short, from all manner of head shapes, skin colours, and languages. Variety is our salvation and the salvation of all mankind".

Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn

C AI N stands for Central Artificial Intelligence Network or the C. I. A.  N. It represents the Big Brother police state or Shield/Skynet it wants each individual human mind/hard drive to obey and to join/merge with it in order to become the hive mind the collective. It loves to keep us in constant fear as it stands for False Events Appearing as Real. It feeds on human minds/souls and that is how it increases its power it does this through various methods which include beheading as your soul is partly contained within your head. 

The pineal gland is a tiny organ in the centre of the brain that played an important role in Descartes' philosophy. He regarded it as the principal seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed. This article also puts them into a historical context by describing the main theories about the functions of the pineal gland that were proposed before and after his time.

Pine Cone/WormHole

In a treatise called On the difference between spirit and soul, Qusta ibn Luqa (864–923) combined Nemesius' ventricular localization doctrine with Galen's account of a worm-like part of the brain that controls the flow of animal spirit between the middle and posterior ventricles. He wrote that people who want to remember look upwards because this raises the worm-like particle, opens the passage, and enables the retrieval of memories from the posterior ventricle.

 People who want to think, on the other hand, look down because this lowers the particle, closes the passage, and protects the spirit in the middle ventricle from being disturbed by memories stored in the posterior ventricle (Constantinus Africanus 1536, p. 310) (Figure 2, Figure 3). Qusta's treatise was very influential in thirteenth-century scholastic Europe (Wilcox 1985).

According to the script the Highlander MA cloud network is opposed to the CAIN Network as it keeps you connected without losing your individuality and of course you also get to keep your head.

It also destroys the shield and brings the dome/house down


In the Will Smith movie version of I Robot it is discovered that V.I.K.I. a female artificial intelligence or a super computer brain is planning on wiping out the human race by taking over the robots and using them as an army against the humans.

CIA N created Isis/VIKI to carry out his dirty work

The goddess of this Matrix is an artificial one THEY IMPRISONED EVE AND HAD HER DIVINE DNA CLONED  this worlds version is no goddess of love she has a heart of steel and there is no love to be found in her cold robotic heart.....

Sascha Fierce/Beyonce/The Two Faces of Eve

This is depicted clearly in the 1927 film by Fritz Lang called Metropolis:

Freder does not find Maria at the cathedral, but he does overhear a monk preaching about the Whore of Babylon and an approaching apocalypse. Coming across statues of Death and The Seven Deadly Sins, he begs them not to harm Maria, then leaves to search for her. He hears her cries while passing Rotwang's house and ends up trapped inside until the robot has been fully transformed into Maria's double. Rotwang sends her to greet Fredersen; Freder finds the two embracing in his office and faints, falling into a prolonged delirium. The false Maria begins to unleash chaos throughout Metropolis, driving men to murder out of lust for her in Yoshiwara and stirring dissent amongst the workers.

Metropolis (1927 film)

She is the Queen of Babylon/Metropolis with the Tower of Babel placed upon on her head

                                                                      Queen of Dark City

She was depicted in history as Marianne the goddess of revolution and liberty but one which ends up laying down the LAW and putting you in even greater bondage. In the end no one was safe from Marianne and her guillotine.


The French Revolution was known as the Reign of Terror and involved beheadings. The current Islamic revolution with Isis is called the War on Terror and again involves beheadings. As I have stated before The Queen of Hearts just wants your head.

As I am writing this right on Q is is

Man-found-beheaded-and-Isis-flag-raised-in France


Courtney Love Trapped

Liberty Cap /Laying Down the LAW

This female artificial intelligence was again revealed in another movie entitled Eagle Eye and it decided that the human race was too dangerous to be allowed to control their own affairs and enforced a part of the US Constitution..WE THE PEOPLE....kind of like a revolution a revolt against what the government were doing only this revolution was led by an artificial and computer controlled..goddess of liberty.


The movie starred Shia LeBeouf who also appeared in I Robot and Transformers. The leading lady was called Mi S HELL e Monaghan as opposed to Bridge t Moynahan who appeared in I Robot both come from Irish descent and named after the county of Monaghan which is on the Border/Gateway between two worlds that of Northern and Southern Ireland.

Screenwriter Dan McDermott wrote the original script for Eagle Eye based on an idea by Steven Spielberg who had been inspired by Isaac Asimov's short story "All the Troubles of the World." 

So we have two movies inspired by the writings of the same author with the same plot reinforcing the same message as that of Fritz Lang back in 1927.

The studio DreamWorks then bought McDermott's script and set up the project to potentially be directed by Spielberg. When the director became busy with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, he dropped out of the project. Director D. J. Caruso, who directed the 1996 TV series High Incident under Spielberg's executive production, replaced the director in helming Eagle Eye, with Spielberg remaining as executive producer.

The voice of Eagle Eye was narrated by Julianne Moore or should I say Julianne Smith as that is her real name as in the Mrs Smith (Red Queen) from the Matrix. She has red hair and pale skin and starred in Hannibal the Cainabaal as well as The Hand that Rocked the Cradle...and Nine Months.


Moore was born Julie Anne Smith on December 3, 1960, at the Fort Bragg army installation in North Carolina. Her father, Peter Moore Smith, was a paratrooper in the United States Army, who later attained the rank of colonel and became a military judge. Her mother, Anne (née Love; 1940–2009), was a psychologist and social worker from Greenock, Scotland, who emigrated to the United States as a child in 1950. Moore has a younger sister, Valerie, and a younger brother, the novelist Peter Moore Smith. She considers herself half Scottish and claimed British citizenship in 2011 to honour her deceased mother.She also has Irish and English ancestry.

If you want to know more about the Red Queen you can check her out here.

The Woman in Black

Total Control is the ultimate aim... are we not all just robots and avatars and puppets or should that be muppets. I mentioned before that everyone around me (including those online who claim to be awake) are saying and doings things without their knowledge showing me that we are all still controlled and plugged into the Matrix. Please listen carefully to every single word of the video below.

Unlocking Minds

King Under Your Control

Science Fiction writers of the past would appear to be the source of everything that is occurring in our present program but the question is who or what were they channeling or being controlled by when they wrote all this down? 

Which one of the FemiNine Muses/goddesses was it? 

Is our current 'reality' not just following the script written by the scriptwriters who take their orders from the director?

here is the Times mirroring or echoing my post..

I Robot

There is nothing new under the sun we have been here before the movie we are all watching and buying into is a rerun of a rerun.

Time to burn the script and take over the directors chair.

and then after that it will be Time for the end of the show show

When we decide to no longer believe in the gods of this world and exit the stage door then there are no more Watchers no more Observers no need for the Director so BAAL DIES.   

If you haven't watched I Robot then don't watch the video below as it depicts the end of the movie.

Are we going to keep beating the apocalyptic drum laid out for us by the Jokers scriptwriters and keep feeding on the negativity and fear?

Are we going to keep believing in the return of the ancient artificial gods to help us evolve to a higher dimension or take us back to their computer generated version of paradise?

Are we going to continue to believe that its all just part of the program so we can just sit and do nothing but wait to see how it all PANS out?

Are we going to continue to live in slavery under the dome (brain) or are we going to join the revolution and bring the House down?

The power of those who rule over us is imaginary JUST as they are. 

They can only continue to rule as long as we keep believing in them it is WE who are keeping them in power by giving them our consent.

Let them unlike Mr C (OB) AIN Fade Away before they can burn out.

Sonny has a dream.


It's a hundred miles to town, Sonny's never been there
Yet he goes to the highway and stands there and stares
And the mail comes at four and the mailman is old
But he still keeps his dreams full of silver and gold

Sonny, don't go away, I am here all alone
And your daddy's a sailor who never comes home
And the nights are so long and the silence goes on
And I'm feelin' so tired, I'm not all that strong

Sonny's dreams can't be real, they're just stories he's read
They're just stars in his eyes, they're just dreams in his head
Still he longs in his mind for the wild world outside
And I know I can't hold him though I've tried
And I've tried, and I've tried




  1. When you say ... Are we going to keep believing in the return of the ancient artificial gods to help us evolve to a higher dimension or take us back to their computer generated version of paradise.
    What do you mean by "computer generated version of paradise?"

  2. Hi Anon what I have been shown is that the concept of waking up on the beach/island/paradise is just another layer of the dream within a dream or a box within a box scenario. It is one we have to travel through however to get home.

    This was reinforced to me when I was on Aphrodite's Beach in Cyprus and when I went to the island of Herm the message read 'now that you have found paradise why not stay' awhile' but the gentle voice that guides me said 'this is not the end of the journey its just the beginning'.

    The best way I could describe it is in this scene from the movie 1408 where he 'wakes up' on the beach but he is really still inside the dream.

    Hope that helps I will elaborate on it further in a future post.