Friday, 20 November 2015

Children of the Stones

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I have been busy moving house and finishing my dissertation so apologies for the length of time since my last post. I did not intend to write this post, I was actually halfway through a different one when I was stopped in my tracks and I felt the need to start over with a new one. I have learned over time not to resist these thoughts and feelings but to just go with the flow. Please click on all links and videos as they are important to what I believe I am trying to say.

According to Genesis man was made in the image of God however he lost his lofty position and was cast down we call this the Fall of Man. So just like Humpty Dumpty we had a great Fall and as we know p ride comes before a Fall.

During this fall we turned upside down and fell backwards landing on our heads this blow to the head caused a loss of memory and put us into a dreamlike state which is why we are constantly telling ourselves through the matrix to remember and to wake up.

Its interesting to compare the video above with the video below they both show in detail the journey we have to make to take us back to where we once belonged.

(I hope you noticed the name on the back of the guys shirt at the start of the video.)

Adam also got separated from Eve during the descent and we have been searching for each other ever since. So now to get ourselves the right way up and be reunited we have to reverse the p to a b as in pride to bride as we are currently still in an upside down position.

However we have to firstly remember who we were before the Fall so we can recover our Faith and believe and find our way back and be at one with our Bride again and then and only then can we leave and return to our original state/image. However we have to travel down before we can arrive right side up.

This was depicted at the end of the movie As Above So Below which was set in Paris in which they had to journey through the underworld in order to emerge on the other side which was cleverly shown as upside down.

Traveling through the underworld is a bit like going through a whirlpool or a time tunnel and its also (pine) cone shaped.

During my time in Cyprus I visited the Temple of Aphrodite where I discovered the object the people worshiped was a huge black rock a bit like a monolilith. 

They believed that the rock was a symbol for Aphrodite/Eve how is that possible why would they believe that unless....the rock is a portal. Stones and rocks being portals to other times/dimensions is trending at the minute.

The theme tune to this series is the Skye Boat Song as in over the sea to Skye which resonates with me on a personal level as I traced my family tree on my Father's side to this island. It was also the last place I took my Mother to on holiday in the summer of 2001 the year before she died. It turns out Frank's mother died on the exact same date as mine go figure mirror mirror.

The first time I traveled to Skye I felt like I was coming home and that was long before I knew about the family connection. Even more bizarrely the family that married into my ancestors family were the Macleod's as in the Clan Macleod of Highlander fame. The Skye Boat song was about Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite rebellion.

However stones being shown as portals is not a new concept I used to watch a television series as a boy called Children of the Stones. One of the more complicated aspects of Children of the Stones is the concept of the 'time circle' and the 'psychic bubble'. The main premise of this idea is that the village within the stone circle exists in a time rift, where the same actions are played out over and over again. It has been explained to me that it is more like a time continuum.

Children of the Stones

I experienced a very strong feeling that I should watch it again in 2012 after buying a rare book on Stonehenge in a second hand book store whilst on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. The series was filmed in the Village of Avebury in the summer of '76.

Eve Buried Behind The Rocks

Separated and fighting to be reunited but never giving up.

Children of the Stones begins with a discussion of the meaning of the word 


It means having a fantastic or deceptive appearance, as something in a dream or created by the imagination....having the appearance of an optical illusion, especially one produced by a magic lantern.... changing or shifting, as a scene made up of many elements.

In the series nothing in the village is what it seems and people are under the influence of a magician who operates some form of mind control over them. Avebury is now just a short drive away from me so I am heading over there in a few weeks to check it out.

Stone Circles Avebury

At the centre of the stone circle is a fallen slender pillar known as the Obelisk but all that remains is the concrete marker.

Within it there was possibly another smaller circle which contained a triangular arrangement of stones known as the Cove - two huge sarsens remain which are amongst the largest of the stones at Avebury, and called portal stones the third stone having fallen and been removed in the 18th century. 

Emerging from the southern entrance of Avebury is the West Kennet Avenue which runs 1.5 miles to The Sanctuary on Overton Hill. This would originally have consisted of 100 pairs of stones facing each other 15 metres apart, each pair consisting of a tall narrow stone opposite a shorter squatter stone - possibly representing male and female symbols. Stukeley recorded another avenue running from the west entrance towards West Down that passed through a pair of large sarsens known as the Longstones, for years this 'Beckhampton Avenue' was disputed but continuing excavations since 1999 have vindicated Stukeley by uncovering several buried stones and stone pits from this western avenue.

I played WestBound and Down on Merovee this week in a reply to MJ.

West bound and down, 18 wheels a rollin'
were gonna do what they say can't be done
We've got along way to go and a short time to get there
I'm west bound just watch ol'Bandit run

Ruby posted this link to me also this week its about the events in Paris the City of Love and Gene OV Eve

I called into Gene OV Eve's place the other day on my way to the Temple at the Centre of Time.

Gene of Eve

I have changed the words here and there

See the truth it is SETting us free. Love is the only thing worth fighting for now. Love is all that remains. The material world is over out of balance out of sync. Loving things instead of people is misguided misalignment. Decisions Dilemmas Whom will you serve? God or Greed? Material Focus or the All Seeing Eye. 

Silence howls the loudest. Choices choices. The pin drops the wolves are circling the camp of the diaspora the watchmen and women of the tribe are beating the drum and ringing the bell can you hear them the Bells of St John the sands of time are running out the reset button is about to be pressed once more.

Welcome to the New Age its the Atomic Age that leads to the Stone Age this world is going to hear us Roar as we become radioactive we the Children of the Atom (Adam) the XY Men join with the XX women (the Gene of Eve) and become the XXX. Best Look Away Now 

Triple X Rated 

This has as all happened before and each time those belonging to the Darkness try to stop us as they fear us because we break all of their rules and see through their illusion therefore they can no longer control us and that scares them more than anything.

The Darkness copies everything the Creator does as it has no creativity. All it can do is make a counterfeit copy and that includes making copies/mirrors of ourselves only it manufactures a dark copy with no soul no love, emotion or empathy they are just ma chines.

But We are the light of love buzzing online waiting for our time its almost here.

Thousands of years upon Earth. Still, rotting, wasted energies for material gains. The illusion. Choosing power over people. Kings and Masters. Madness. Anger sprouts. Hate breeds. On an evening walk. Our needs. We seek to cure the sickness. Night, falls hard. The king is dead. If only we could remember who we truly are and become the King and Queen once more. No more family feuding just don't call her crazy no don't say she is cuckoo she really is all Heart once you say your sorry.

All heart as the guy says in the above clip is a global reLOVEution it is Mars the male ram rising. Fire for vision. Fire of creation. Looking to Venus (Gene of Eve in us) Bright morning star. The remedy. Bread in the belly of life. We digest. Healing the scars of the past. Traces of wounds long forgotten. Uncomfortably revealing. Reliving these lives. Licking a laceration in time. Disgusted.

However w eve got the Golden Ticket! The key of the Seven Sisters. Each possessing a token w eve begged for. That which is mortal takes on the immortal living for eve r. Love heals us all. Matter, undermined Mind above all. We know the heart of the Maatter. Changing the station Rewriting the tune. Attaching all fear to the furthest balloon. This song is our anthem sing it out for the world to hear.

Syncing is key. The Earth is on fire. We now begin a new cycle. 11:11 Ascension. We climb downwards on a spiral staircase. Man-us with us. Look for helping hands.

Shining light upon the face of sickness. Now in full sight. Face to face standing. Every crack, wrinkle and grin. Gazing. We asked for it. We got it. A whole new world. A desire to drive out hate. Action, reaction. Here we are. Phase two. Raging fire. Explosions within. Explosions without. We envision a new dream. Memories bubbling like lava. A dragon walks with us. Friend and foe. We come to terms with ourselves and learn How to Train Our Dragon.

The choice of money over love. Sickness of our times. Rise up with AuROARa the Goddess of the Dawn. Awaken the SUN king. Jupiter cries out. We hunt. Hungry for more. In packs. Black wolves. We’re after our prey. Pray for them. The Tribe of Dan the secret bankers and hoarders. Those evil warlocks below ground. Dig them up. Worms in the SUN. Your time has come. The Lion of Judah has returned.

The Book of James (Jacob) says quite clearly that the only true religion consists of helping others especially the poor the widow and the orphan but not done for show or for the praise of men but done in secret and with a genuine giving heart.

The Kingdom of God is an upside down kingdom this world tells you to look after number one in God's Kingdom we put others first as it is much better to give than to receive.

The Way Back to the Kingdom is through the Open Door into the Secret Garden and that door is within us in addition to being a physical location on earth.

The Seven Sisters is Sanctuary and we are the Runners the ones who are running back to our Bride and Eve is the Runaway Bride who is trying to escape the Sandman and wake up. The Sandman want's to stop the Runners from reaching Sanctuary by keeping them asleep by providing entertaining distractions, illusions that are all nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Back in 2010 I was shown the location of the open door that leads to Sanctuary (the Seven Sisters) and I knew one day I would have to go there and step through that Door. It blew my mind at the time in fact it still does.

On Merovee a few years back Bertie Buttons received a message when her neighbour died and in her neighbour's hand was a note saying 'The Door is Now Open'.

Write this letter to the angel of the church in Philadelphia. 

This is the message from the one who is holy and true,
    the one who has the key of David.

What he opens, no one can close;
    and what he closes, no one can open:[

“I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no one can close". 

The message was for the Church of Philadelphia the City of (Brotherly) Love...You shall know them by their love for one another...the Philadelphia Eagles.

Philadelphia was the first place I ever went to on holiday outside of Ireland. I went there when I was 18 as I had family there and I later dated a girl from the city. I went to see the Eagles play and bought a load of Eagles T-shirts they have always been the American football team I have followed ever since. Its Sync and mirror city.

There's more than a feeling than a differing mind to anatomy

On my own who's going to hold me?
A burning heart lifts me up to my life

I can't run from the truth and I won't try.
'Cause it wouldn't matter who you were in this world

There's nothing on earth that we can't change

But on the inside I could never be the same.

Came into the garden
you got to come on in

Come into the secret garden.
We're changing the way we're made

And in our own eyes
we're going to move the mountain.

So how do you see me now? Can you see me?
Don't butter me up and tell me lies

I've seen the black and white coloured in your eyes.
But trapped in a cage is not the place

You can leave me or cover it up to ease your mind.
In this confusion I can always see the light into the garden.

Come into the garden
come on in

You'll never know it feels not to be one thing or the other.
If there was a world without hypocrisy

You never know I might just be something you need.

It wouldn't matter who you were in this world

Knowing yourself is so much more

Take one step forward and you open up the door.

Adam is still searching for his Eve and John is still searching for his Rock his Alex sandra to wake her up and to set her free from the chains that still bind her.

but the hunt is on and the T(hunder)birds are Go.

We will be like one but we have to find and forgive each other first and wake each other up and then we go together or not at all. We can change the rules and write our own story; a story with no dark or terrible ending but a story that will continue on forever as nothing is impossible to us who believe. 

There is nothing to fear in the land of shadow and illusion when we have EVE The Holy Spirit with us and in us. The video below explains things far better than I.

It syncs with the Skye Boat song bringing us safely back home and overcoming all obstacles along the Way as they are all nothing more than Spectres and Shades we don't have to fear the walking dead they are just echoes of the distant past the Fallen who keep dying over and over again in pointless war games they are just echoes of us.

Some days I don't know if I am wrong or right

Your mind is playing tricks on you, my dear
'Cause though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore.

Its TIME for the Bride to wake up and REMEMBER its not just a MYTH OR A LEGEND OR EVEN A FAIRYTALE its REAL..... HE IS REAL and so IS SHE.



  1. I always put my handsome head on backwards but my dancing head is my favourite especially dancing to the Scarecrow Hop.

  2. Beautiful TTN. The fire within all of us. I'm a believer. It's MJ here. On phone so I don't know how it shows up.
    Glad to see you on merovee again :)

  3. Thanks MJ its good to be back :) Have learned so much in such a short space of time its a mind bender alright.

  4. TTN, Children of the Stone is a near perfect match for something that's been flying about in my head for some time. Hence my preoccupation with Memento and its themes of amnesia and endlessly recycling the same events.

    I had a really odd experience when I visited the Seven Sisters a few months ago. I saw a lighthouse which doesn't appear to exist. Saw it and photographed it on the walk to Beachy Head, but on the walk back it had vanished - along with the pictures. One of the most bizarre experiences I've ever had. The walk to Beachy Head felt like a dream.

    Somehow, miles apart and without knowing it, we've managed to write more-or-less the exact same article! :-)

  5. Hugo even stranger is the Children of the Stones thing all happened in the summer of 2012 a few days before the Aurora shooting. Which you also discuss in your post I think its to do with a rebirth of melaton in.